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International Patient Acquisition

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Medical Tourism Process Management

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Medical Tourism

Medical Tourism Solutions for:

International Hospitals

Specialized Management Systems, Best Practices for top quality international health services, international marketing for brand awareness and more ….

Country Tourism Boards

Focused solutions that comprise top strategies and goals in a comprehensive and achievable short, medium and long-term plan for all decision makers in the field and more …

Medical Tourism Facilitators

Top solutions for a solid infrastructure, consumer-centric and customer-focused plans that are based on close market research, global and regional.

Regional Clusters

Development strategies and focused efforts for an efficient and effective regional business model in your area of interest that comprises all the important local opportunities.

Specialized Clinics

Access the global health care and target specialized niches in health care and in medical tourism globally and locally.

Welcome to PlacidSolutions | Health Care Consultings | Medical Tourism Consulting!

Build your sustainable Medical Tourism organization!

  • Differentiate yourself in this highly competitive medical tourism market
  • Attract international patients based on unique selling proposition
  • Increase your top line revenues and market share
  • Optimize your business processes to improve bottom line results
  • Create long term business sustainability

PlacidSolutions, a subsidiary of PlacidWay, is an international healthcare consulting firm focused on the business of healthcare organizations interested in promoting medical tourism. 

We help our clients improve top line performance, enhance competitive position, and achieve the most productive organizational alignment among people, processes, and systems.


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